Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drone Laws

I have a feeling resolutions like this might be more ubiquitous in the near future. 

"The Charlottesville City Council on Monday night rebuffed an attempt to totally ban unmanned aircraft in the city’s airspace, and instead passed a resolution that pledges that the city will not use information obtained by drones in court."

MSNBC: Virginia city becomes first to pass anti-drone resolution

I hope to get a fixed wing drone off the ground by years end.  If all goes well, I hope to document the process here.  I plan on using the Arduino-compatible ArduPlane module and a Bixler 2 powered glider. I think the biggest hurdle will be automating the picture taking process.  I am also mulling a quad or hexacopter, though.  I just think fixed wing would be good for mapping swathes of a given area.

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